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Spares, Services and Specialty Items

Sources 1: This is the current compilation of spares sources and some of the services available , it is based on information provided by four members of SBCC; a British car fan and friend in Ontario; and a restorer and friend in Boras, Sweden; and some information from SOURCES2 is included.

Sources 2: This is an example of information on suppliers and services from 2000, posted on Vintage-Sportscar-Touring site, Technical section, the personal site of E.A. Driver. This page resulted from a discussion in 1999 of four Healey owners who were members of SBCC. The discussion covered sources of spares from major vendors to manufacturers to small auto supply shops. Also listed were specific services used during the repair or restoration of their Healeys.

Catalogues for some suppliers in Source 1 and Source 2

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