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SBCC members participate in a variety of social gatherings, public service activities to personal pursuits such as short trips; and repairing, restoring and servicing their British cars. Examples of some of these activities are found in the menu below.

Confessions of an Unbeautiful Mind

Dave Luukkonen's long mixed affair and love of a MGB

Cortina Dreaming
Lee Mitchell's long affair and love of Cortinas

SBCC to the Rescue -1957 Prefect

Bob Burton's comments and observations on SBCC helping to save another LBC

Bob will provide appraisals for SBCC members at a special rate

Buyer Beware - Forward's Guide
Bob Forward's Guide to Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Aston Martin DB7 Woes
by John Pharr, Aston Martin head gasket saga

SBCC Member's Profile

Saskatchewan Scottish Sunbeam IMP
From the Regina Leader Post - article on Alex McGregor and Dave Perry and the IMP

Mosport Vintage Racing 2014
by John Pharr -text only- The description of the trip to the Vintage Race Meet at Mosport 2014

Stag Front Suspension Upgrade
by Tanya Duke-Novakovski- Triumph Stag Front Suspension Upgrade

TR6 Upgrades
by Dennis Billo - Upgrades for a TR6

Setting HS4 Carburetters
by Gerry Threlfall, HS4 carb setting a comparison of technique from two manuals

1953 BN1 Restoration
by Ed Driver, current stage of restoration for the 1953 BN1

"The Gathering", Dobson, North Carolina and VTR Meet, Waco, Texas
A 10,100 km spring trip with Bill Derksen and his Triumph TR8

Dave Gillespie
SBCC Member's Profile

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