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Spares, Sources and Services for British Cars #1

The following individuals have provided information on spares and services:Jean Caron, Magnus Karlsson, Harold Leece, Don Lumley, Terry Yuzik, and Ed Driver.

Jean Caron, Winnipeg, Manitoba, restores mainly Austin Healeys, his business is Vintage Roadster Restoration. Jean is the current Historian, Austin Healey Club of USA, and now a SBCC member. Magnus Karlsson, Boras, Sweden, also restores Healeys, his business is Boras Motor Corporation. Harold Leece, Welland, Ontario, Brock University, formerly a member of the Saskatoon Sports Car Club. He is a member of the Austin Somerset Club, and the British Saloon Car Club. Terry Yuzik, Don Lumley and Ed Driver are SBCC members.

Harold Leece has suggested the following""In general I prefer to buy from the UK. Although, I have to say that a major part of my reasoning is based on the cost of shipping from the UK as most suppliers are willing to use the Post. Most mail from the UK comes straight through to home without Customs or HST being added . Harold also recommends that you inform the part suppliers beyond Canada that they cite Canada Tariff Code 9966 on their invoice and on the outside of the package"

Regarding companies and individuals supplying services Jean Caron has the following advice: " Usually I hear about a service business by word of mouth or a suggestion by someone on the Healey List ( -many British marques supported by ), and another source are advertisements in magazine such as Octane. I will call the business, and ask how they do things, if I feel comfortable about what they tell me, I then check the work done to someone's car, if satisfied I will give them a try. If I like the service I will recommend them. Doing it this way takes a little more time but I feel that one avoids being burned or disappointed in the work, service, provided! Costs are a consideration but if the service tells me in detail how they do things, how they dismantle a part, how they test it, what they do with it, etc, I have an excellent idea of the time it takes, therefore, I'd rather pay a little more and have peace of mind that things are done right. A good example: a service shop I dealt with in the last few months rebuilds water pumps. When I talked to them, they explained in a very detailed way how they rebuilt the early pumps found on 100-6 Healeys. They told me the costs in advance and while more than a new pump from Moss, I was confident that rebuilding an original was much better than the County product sold by Moss and others. I received the rebuilt pump, and it was as advertised, and it works as they said it would."

Jean Caron has some very userful comments on the painting and bodywork that one should consider when embarking on either a repair or a ground up restoration. My feeling is these should be considered prior to the start of a project. These comments will appear at the end of this page along with a section of recent catalogues that you may wish to download.



The following suppliers are separated out as to the (a.) major items needed for repairs or restorations supply; (b.) Speciality items or hardware and (c.) service providers. Include is the name, web site address and major items or information you may need. One can assume that the suppliers and services were vetted by the authors; and that the authors have either used or have spoken with these suppliers.


MAJOR ITEMS needed for repairs or restoration .



Kilmartin Automotive Sheetmetal, -Delacombe, Victoria, Australia. The brothers John and Greg Kilmartin provide service with very accurate quotes components and shipping options.Their Austin Healey sheetmetal and chassis are the best available. They supply sheetmetal for MGA, MGB and the T series from C to F models as well as making parts to order. They also produce parts for Triumph from TR2 to TR6, and are willing to make parts not covered in their parts list. My (EAD) dealing with them during the restoration work on the 1953 BN1 was all that one could ask from a manufacturer and supplier, super servive, very fast communication by e-mail.


Dave Hardwick, - England - small speciality manufacturer Austin Healey body panels for AH100, AH100S and AH3000.

Jule Enterprises -Canada - excellent, reasonable. Rockwood, Ontario N0B 2K0, 1-905-854-3555, primarily chassis and tub replacement parts.

Outside of Kilmartins, Dave Hardwick and Jule Enterprise we could not find suppliers (manufacturers) whose focus was body panels and/or replacement chassis.



AH Spares, - England - reasonably good body panels, rear wheel arches for BN1-BN2 not formed correcty, early Healey BN1 parts are similar to various parts used in the Austin Somerset; an excellent range of items; an online catalogue with well illustrated line diagrams for specific system areas, i.e., brakes, electrical are examples.

SC Parts Ltd., - England -this supplier has phenomenal series of printed catalogues. The one on Healey's served as an excellent guide when striping down the '53 100; and to dismantling and cataloguing the engine components of my '65 BJ8. The other marques SCParts catalogues cover are Jaguar, MG,to TVR and Morris. As to the quality as well as ability to deliver on items, a restorer I know says, beware.

UK Healey Center (Steve Jowett) -England - excellent, reasonable; downloadable catalogue is available.

Earlpart, - England - A great number of catalogues most of these are found below in the section Catalogues. They state that the catalogues serve as a guide to price and availibility covering all Austins, Morris, Wolsely, Riley, Triumph and others. Harold Leece's comment on Earlpart and AHSpares "both are easily available by phone and prompt with shipping and automatically mark parts as Antique car parts, Canada Tariff code 9966."

John Skinner - -England - interior trim manufacturers for British cars -Jaguar, MGA, Austin Healey and Triumph, great quality

The Roadster Factory -United States - supplyng a broad range of parts for all models of Triumph (Stag?)and MGB, reasonable; downloadable catalogues are available.

British Car Specialists - United States- excellent, high . Two catalogues are available "Rare and Hard to Find Parts" and "Kilmartin Sheetmetal for Healeys". This business also repairs and restores many of thre BMC marques.

Christian Hollum Imports -Canada - excellent, reasonable, spares for many of the BMC cars. 2150 Victoria Avenue, Lachine, Quebec, H8S 1Z3, 1-514-639-4639

All British Cars -Canada - excellent, reasonable 401-3835 E. 1st Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5C 3V6, 1-604-294-5747 -interesting cross section of spares and very resourceful.

Holden Vintage and Classic Ltd. -England- excellent, reasonable. very good on-line catalogue (lighting, electrical, tools, fittings, clothing, etc).

Denis Welch Motorsport -England - excellent, reasonable, a printed catalogue is available (aluminium heads, performance camshafts, competition brake components, aluminium alternator brackets, spin on oil/ oil cooler spares, disc brake kits, etc.).

Nical Engineering Ltd. -England - excellent, reasonable The Barn, Leygreen Farm, Lyndhurst Road, Beaulieu, Hampshire, S042 7YP 01590-612181 ( Hardtops for BJ8, BN4 and BN2. and Rileys

S.U. Midel - excellent, reasonable, online information but you must write for prices (SU carburetors, pumps, needles, etc.)

Burlen Fuel Systems -England - excellent, reasonable, online search by vehicle, model, or part number.

Austin Healey Wood -United States - Austin Healey wood restoration pieces and and brakre line kits, may take on custom work.

All Frictions Co. -United States - brake lining manufacture for relining brake shoes, relining clutch discs, and disc brake pads.



Woolies -England- vintage car trim pieces and much more.

MacGregor British Car Parts -Canada- excellent,rubber components, hardware, carpets, heat insulation cloth.

Scott's Old Auto Rubber -Australia- many rubber components salvaged from an extensive variety of British marques. The web site is a wee difficult to navigate

Basis - -New Zealand- good source of LBC rubber components, and other British car components.

COH-Baines- -England- good source of rubber components for British marques: Aston Martin, Austin, Jaguar, Hillman and more, also under catalogue section on the Technical page you can download the most recent is available.

Restoration Specialities, www.restorationspecialities United States are an excellent source for rubber parts (extrusions) and grommets.

Pamela David Enamels, -England- they provide one-off manufacture and restoration of glass enamelled car badges. Located in North Devon and they hope to have a new web site up shortly.

Ashwater Foundries, The foundry located in Devon produces door handles for Austins but also is a supplier of chrome for a variety of British cars, Healeys, Jaguars, MGs and masny other marques.The web site is slow to load. Their catalogue is in the Catalogue section on the Technical page.

Namrick, the nut and bolt store -England - excellent, reasonable. Online catalogue and free print catalogue available.

British Fasteners and Tools -United States - reasonable;has good supply of Whitworth spanners and makes special service tools for Healeys and other BMC cars.

Bolt Depot -United States- interesting collection of fasteners.

Hanson Rivet & Supply -United States- extensive inventory of rivets and rivet tools.

Retro Belt -United States- interesting collection of selt belts

British Wiring www.britishwiring -United States- reasonable pricing, excellent service, many of the British marques covered.

Auto Electric Supplies - -England - excellent selection- battery related items, dynamos, regulators, brushes, ignition accessories, Lucas parts, etc.

AutoSparks - -England - Terry states one of the best in England - can custom makes or produce wiring harness for any British car; sell proper bullet connectors and parts; orders handled quickly.

Quickfit Seat Belts - -England - Supplier of custom fit and design of proper seat belts with vintage buckles for any British car.

Taris Charysyn & Co. - -United States - Supplier of custom designed, made and fitted beautiful touring luggage.

Longstone Tyres - -England and France - (the French web site is it is the same company and two of our members have dealt with the supplier, one using UK and the other using France. As Terry stated "source of many varieties and types of tyres for many British cars."

Kip Motor Company - -United States -Sell parts for British cars online, makes door handles, hinges, and provides other services; and has some catalogues some of which are available on the main Technical page

Ron Francis Wiring -United States - According to Terry excellent source for low pressure brake light switch especially if you are using DOTS 5 brake fluid


Tri-Starr Radiator -United States - reasonable, stock, repair and rebuild hard to find, discontinual, obsolete fuel sending units.

Holly Anodizing -Canada - excellent provide a service of anodizing aluminium components useful to those who own British cars, such as Austin Heaey with aluminium components which were anodized.

Advanced Distribtors -United States - excellent service and repair of all Lucas distributors for British cars as well as Bosch and Delco distributors.

Geoff Chrysler, Rightway Heritage Trim -Canada - excellent quality of interior material for seats, carpeting and panels made and installed if needed by Geoff Chrysler.

Oliver Bienz Automotive Instrument repair -Canada According to Terry "Oliver knows British car gauges, recalibrates, cleans instruments and sending units, reasonable pricing and uses Canada Post, lives in White Rock and can be reached at 1-604-535-6221"

World Wide Auto Parts -United States - the best place to have your lever shocks dampers repair for Healeys, MGA, MGB, MGTC and Morgans.

Ztherapy Induction Services -United States- Repair SU carbs, noted for insert small roller bearing into the body of the carb where the throttle shaft runs reducing wear asnd air leaks. According to Terry he has had five years of great driving thanks to Ztherapy

Clarke Spares and Restorations - -United States - excellent, reasonable 90 W Swamp Road, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 or 1-215-348-0595 engine identification plates made to order, wire hose clamps, etc.

Nisonger Instruments -United States - excellent, reasonable, excellent instrument and gauge repair, especially speedometers.

Mo Ma Manufacturing -United States Mo Ma Manufacturing -United States- - excellent, reasonable. Margaret Lucas (Mo Ma) can be reached at 1321 Second Street NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102 or 505-766-6661 or ( new circuit boards for BJ8 tachometers and gauge repair. Mo Ma is quick and helpful.

Bernard Bryant - -England- excellent at repairing trafficator semaphore signals, and a good source of hard to find switches and electrical parts

Peter Groh (British Car Keys) -United States - excellent, reasonable.

Comments regarding Body Work and Painting -Jean Caron

Paint and bodywork is to me what others see the most from your car and there is nothing worse than a well restored car, beautiful interior, nice new wiring harness, beautiful suspension parts all well done but waves on the body due to poor sanding and prep work. I use Cahill, St Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba, and have done so for over 40 years, and would not use anyone else.We have a good rapport, there is no doubt someone else can do as good a paint job as Maurice Cahill but his bodywork is absolutely faultless. The welding of patches and panel fitting can be done by the owner up to a point but the final stuff, in my opinion is worth spending a little more and have a reputable shop doing it. These days one can expect to spend around $13,000 to $19,000 for a paint job which includes some bodywork and the painting inside of all the panels, and the outside of the car. One should decide early on what they want, a single stage paint or a base and clear coat, then polish.

A small example, when someone works on their own parts, often you see someone using tape from Home Depot, it is okay for house paint and rollers but for bodywork you MUST use masking tape used by a bodyshop, it is a very small detail but when doing detailed work it will show. Hope this helps a little.

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