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Jasmine Strachan 1970 MGB

Affectionately nicknamed after my dearly departed grandfather who was a mechanic and car enthusiast, Jimmy is a work in progress. An ongoing learning experience and labor of love to me. I grew up hanging around my grampa's garage, Oxbow Tire, in the 80's and 90's, where I developed a love for cars and a deep appreciation for the camaraderie that the guys in the shop shared with each other, the customers, and me.

Today I find that same camaraderie within the Saskatchewan British Car Club. The members of this exceptional club are always helping each other and sharing their knowledge (and parts ha ha) and lending their time freely to one another. When I originally acquired this car it was a little banged up, and not running, after several years of neglect and eventual long-term storage.

With the combined knowledge and effort of many club members over the past couple of years, I am proud to say that Jimmy is running and driving now and has been on several short road trips, attended several car shows already, and is a daily (fair-weather) city driver. 

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