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Jennifer and Glen Perchie's 1960 MGA


1600cc OHV engine, Supercharged


Bought from a staff member at Moss Motors in Goleta, California in 2004.  The car had been used in the development of the Moss MGA Supercharger and is still equipped with Moss’ first MGA supercharger.  Many of the pictures in the Moss Motors supercharger instruction manual and published horsepower curve are of this car.


The majority of restoration was completed by my dad, Dave Perchie in 2006.  He became ill and asked for my help in finishing the car.  I got to spend the last days of my dad’s life finishing and swearing at the car with him.


She’s a driver and has a little road rash now, but she’s traveled in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Wyoming, North and South Dakota on SBCC trips.

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