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Paul and Cathy Goldstein 1953 MGTD


She came off the production line in Abingdon on December 12, 1952 and was shipped to the United States.  

The first caretaker was Paul Stephenson.  Paul was a director of local Theater Companies and travelled a lot.  He kept her for almost 20 years, living in Vermont, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, New Mexico and Arizona.  Caretakers since then lived in California, Arizona, Iowa and back to Texas.  She came to Canada in 2002 when the Edmonton owner of a Curiosity Shop imported her.  She remained with a few others until I brought her to Saskatchewan in 2022.

She is mostly original, with the original engine (and sometimes I think original brakes).  She has a 1250 cc (1.3litre) XPAG engine putting out a whopping 54 horsepower.  The transmission is a non-synchro manual 4 speed transmission.  The upper frame is wood.  Options on the car include aftermarket turn signals but NO seatbelts.

There is an undated picture of the first owner Paul (below) with the car when he lived in Texas.

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