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Barrie Bratt's 1975 MGB Mk2

Modified and dubbed "old blue"

Engine: MSX Aluminum crossflow cylinder head

        Dual 40mm DCOM Weber Carburetors

        Piper “fast road 365” camshaft, light         

        Lifters, tubular pushrods,& roller


        Big bore Exhaust header.                    


Drivetrain: British Ford Siera 5-speed transmission.                     


Suspension: Lowered 2”, Urethane bushings throughout

            7/8”front swaybar,tubular rear swaybar.

            Tubular shock absorbers

            Adjustable camber front A-frame

            8’x 15” wheels


Body:  converted from rubber bumper to 1970 style     

       Chrome bumpers & grille               ;

       Spoiler with brake light & turn signals

       Arched rear wheel wells  


Interior: Gray vinyl w leather inlays in seats

          Power windows                            

          Interval windshield wipers.



What may be next? : Cruise control?

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